3. The Regrowth

Dandelion Seeds… 

Dandelion Seeds. They start off as a tiny seed in the dirt; it’s been eagerly planted but it still needs nourishment. It needs sun, rain and the elements to help it grow.  Once these things are introduced to the young seed, it begins to flourish. It starts to grow roots that dig deeper into the ground and grab on to the culture around it to sustain. Then comes the big reveal, it protrudes out of the ground into the light of day as a tiny stem. But this little plant is surrounded by danger as soon as it comes out of the ground in its childlike form. These dangers include cold, wind, frost, the steps of people and the tires of transportation. As the seed grows into a dandelion it has more influence and strength to withstand the many elements that will come its way. They have lived in mire and mud to make it through the turmoil that the Earth tries to bring to its growth. 

These songs I have prepared for you are my dandelion seeds I am soon letting them go, to float and land near those around me. To influence, heal, help, give hope, show sorrow, bring life and pain to the surface. They have been nourished by the elements and critiqued to their best form. I eagerly await sharing these songs with you all and showing you my heart, my mission and what God is and has taught me and shown me. 



I am currently still $3,000 away from my final amount needed to fully fund the recording, producing and other EP related costs. I would love your support as I take on this new adventure and ultimately follow the path God has for me. For every person able to support me I will be giving away a free CD. If you are able to support me in this way, I would love to hear from you and even explain the process in more depth.


Future Plans 

I have a few ideas of what pathway I would like to take once this year is up, but my plans are not God’s plans, so there subject to change. 

Worship Lead 
Coffee House/House Concerts 

I plan to travel around to different churches to lead others in worship. I also want to continue songwriting and working on my craft as an artist. A few coffee houses and house concerts will be added to the roster to show you my music in its live setting.

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