8. What are you doing next?

This last weekend I had the immense privilege to travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a second release concert.  It was pure magic. I arrived in Winnipeg 2 days before the concert to get situated and visit some friends I hadn't seen in 2 years. Since feeling unwell, I haven't been able to properly travel to Winnipeg like I intended when I moved back to Three Hills. Friday came around I was more then excited to share my journey and the stories from the last 3 years away. It was a magical night, for those that came thank you for joining me on the long weekend. Your presence was so important and it made the night quite wonderful. The question that I have received a lot recently is... 

What are you doing next? Short answer. I don't know. 

Long answer. I am currently waiting for God to open and close doors in my life to lead me to the right decision on what to do next. I'm in this season of waiting, sitting, silence, prayer, contemplation. And it is completely OK! I am quite content in the 'be still' stage and am in no rush to figure it all out right away. I don't want to move to quickly and risk making the wrong decision out of necessity. This is different for me, I usually make a decision and move right away. I'm determined and stubborn, but I'm learning to be flexible and moldable. What I do know is that for the next few weeks I will be songwriting in preparation for my next album, playing a few gigs around the Three Hills area, and enjoying some much needed summer weather. 

As I am in this waiting period you can pray... 

I will continue to be content in the waiting 
God will open doors and I will be aware of them 
My music and the songs I've written to influence and nurture others to Christ. 

Thanks for sticking with me friends, 

k a r l e e

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