1. A Wild Adventure Begins...

A wild adventure into writing and recording my EP. 

I started at Prairie College a mere 2 years ago. God introduced the idea of the Music and Worship Arts program to me in a whisper. The story is quite intriguing, I was working as a Hairstylist in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had already been feeling like it was time to come back to the Three Hills area to be around my family once again. I was involved in the worship program at Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church and was enjoying it immensely. The amount of experience and knowledge I learned there was crucial to pursuing music as a career. It was a normal day on the job; wash hair, cut hair, dry hair, repeat. All of a sudden, like a gust of wind or a whisper in the night, the thought popped in to my head, ‘Prairie has a music program, I could be near my family once again, why don’t I look it up?” So as I stood at my station in excitement, I knew this thought was a passion I had always wanted to pursue and I had to listen to this tiny, yet powerful voice. I pulled out my phone and googled Prairie College. I found the program and browsed through the requirements and accomplishments for attending. I didn’t hesitate one bit and with the speed of my thumbs I applied right there at work. God had every detail all planned out, because after that, my plans (or should I say God’s plans) fell into place. Since this experience it has been a roller coaster of accomplishments and failures and with each step I have learned something about myself and about God and who He is as well as who He has created me to be. 

I am currently in the songwriting program and will be recording my very own EP this fall. It will contain my personal originally-written music that has been critiqued and molded by my peers. 

I am writing this letter to you, friends and family, so that you can pray for this to come to fruition. There are many worldly challenges that can get in the way and I ask that you pray for God’s protection over this project and over me. Along with your prayers, if God leads you to give financially to this project please contact me for further involvement. (My contact information is at the bottom of this letter). Recording an EP is a considerable amount and the cost includes many things, like session players (some of the best in Canada), producing, mixing, CD’s, CD art, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and supporting my journey as I follow God’s calling for my life. 

In His Service, 

Karlee Thiessen

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